Amanda Bynes is still keeping her family up at night, tweeting a series of platitudes seemingly aimed at a special someone this weekend.

The former child star has continued her journey further down the rabbit hole, spending Easter tweeting a number of missives to an unknown man she hopes to court:

Whoever this guy (in the absence of sapphic evidence to the contrary, we're assuming it's a guy) happens to be, it's hard to believe he hasn't gotten the message yet, considering how widely publicized Amanda's tweet-ranting perfectly sane, rational behavior has been.

But even more confusing were the messages seemingly dedicated to the haters interspersed with the ones to her (maybe) beloved:

She also sent out a very cryptic tweet that read only, "WWTD." Who could the mysterious "T" be? Your guess is as good as ours. But she seems to be preoccupied with love, so perhaps Tom Jones. There's a fantasy couple for you.

Finally, she snapped some new photos. In one, she looked like a rejected extra from 'The Fifth Element':

And another was a close up of her eye with, uh, a description of her eye:

We'd say we hope she gets well, but we'd rather not be sued. So keep doing what you're doing, Amanda. And hey, don't be so blue.

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