While Amanda Bynes was busy formulating a crack legal team to sue Perez Hilton and turning her face different hues of blue, she seems to have forgotten that she was due in court today for a hearing about her suspended license.

E! News reports that the judge told Bynes' attorney, who was there by his lonesome, that the actress would be granted one more continuance in her suspended license case. This is not new behavior, since she did the exact same thing with her hit-and-run hearing last year.

Amanda's license was originally pulled for unpaid tickets before she was nailed for driving without one - because's she's the man.

What was she doing instead of meeting Johnny Law? Apparently, dying her hair magenta, getting what appears to be ratty-looking extensions, and walking around New York in socks and sandals. As you do.

Amanda's pretrial date is set for May 2. Write that down in case she forgets.

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