Ken Baker, Chief Correspondent for E! News, recently found himself in the middle of a feud between the fans of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift -- a feud he himself caused when he implied Swift is a "slut."

Which is totally appropriate behavior from a 42-year-old man.

The trouble started when Baker posted the image below to his Instagram account and asked for comments:


Things only got worse when Cyrus responded, thanking Baker for all the LOLs.

Later, Miley denied that there was any “tweet heat” between her and Swift and that she was merely laughing because the tweet amused her, not because she was trying to start something between them.

Meanwhile, Swift's fans were offended by the photo. Baker then doubled down on his stance, referring to anyone who attacked him on Swift's behalf as “warped.”

Baker later backpedaled live on the air, saying he thought the graphic was an interesting look at how Cyrus is unfairly portrayed in the media while Swift is seen as a role model (he's right about that). Still, he added that as a young person, Swift should date as many people as she wants.

But the thoughtbubble over his head totally said "... because that's what sluts do."