Taylor Swift is embarrassed about the public mocking of the recent turmoil that is her love life, so here's a video parodying a possible breakup song from the ever-hilarious late night host Conan O'Brien.

Conan introduced the bit by detailing the most recent breakup between Swift and the two-month love of her life Harry Styles, who, despite only being together for a short time, were crowned with the couple name "Haylor."

“As is her custom, Taylor has already written a song about this particularly painful breakup. We managed to get an advanced copy of the song,” Conan joked to the audience.

What follows is a Taylor Swift impersonator singing lyrics with a computer voice explaining where to insert prevalent information.

For example, “You kept me warm and dry with your smile / And your [ENDEARING THREE-SYLLABLE PERSONAL TRAIT]

Or, “But now you're gone and all that remains is the pain / And a heart full of [SYNONYM FOR 'SADNESS' THAT RHYMES WITH 'AIN']

Of course, there is also an option to add in who the song is about, with helpful selections like Harry, Conor, Patrick, Zac, Eddie, Jake, Guy from 'Glee,' John, Guy from 'Twilight,' Other guy from 'Twilight,' Lucas, or a Jonas Brother. Possibly Dwight Jonas.

Looks like Conan found the secret to Swift's songwriting: simple find-and-replace. So here's your new hit, Taylor. You're welcome!