Russell Brand is a comedic genius, albeit one who's utterly insane.

Proof? Last night, April 16, he went on 'Conan' and talked about, among other things, a foursome with the Kardashians, how he'd sleep with Jennifer Lawrence (who wouldn't?), using hypnotism to stop his sexual desires, and convincing Tom Cruise to convert him to Scientology.

Dressed like he was trying out for a part as Oliver Twist, Brand talked to Conan O'Brien about the Kardashians being a "beautiful, brown, lactating buffet," which turned into a "neurological study" about incest.

Russell and Conan also discussed Jennifer Lawrence, with whom Brand says anyone in their right mind would have sex -- although he surmised that "she's probably a pain in the ass" because no matter how delightful she may be on the show, anyone can be nice for a ten minute period of time. (Except for Hugh Grant, of course.)

The final topic of conversation of the night: Brand wanting his 'Rock of Ages' co-star Tom Cruise to try converting him to Scientology. Apparently Tom never made the attempt, prompting Brand to wonder, "If there's a cult that don't want me, I want to know why!"

Check out the videos to see these and more reasons why there will never be enough Russell Brand in the world.

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