Today (July 17) was another scorcher inside and out. Celebs were earning all kinds of achievements, frightening themselves into being right on time, getting hassled by the TSA, meeting their alter egos and wondering, as we were, what the editors of Rolling Stone must have been thinking.

Taylor Swift promises not to lose the mic at the next VMAs.

We always knew ‘Days of Our Lives’ star and ‘Biggest Loser’ host Alison Sweeney was as real as the rest of us.

A very lucky Tony Hale is considered the 96th most powerful bald man in the world. Congrats!

But, Richard Roeper, it really IS hot. The doorman’s ears are probably ringing by now anyway.

Get a good look at Russell Brand’s despicable alter ego. His other ones probably aren’t that presentable.

We’re not sure we agree with Daisy Fuentes on this one. (The Canadian bacon part, that is. We're cool with loving Canadians.)

We think Richard Marx could write a really cheesy but satisfying song about this experience.

And finally, a few choice responses to the less than popular Rolling Stone cover ...