At this point, it's probably safe to assume that Taylor Swift's 1989 has probably broken just as many records as it's sold.

According to Billboard1989 has surpassed 5 million sales in the US alone. In case you're unaware of just how rare a feat that is, consider this: It's officially the fastest selling album to hit that number in over 10 years.

1989 hit the 5 million mark during its 36th week of release, something that hasn't happened since the 2004 release of Usher's Confessions, which hit 5 million sales during its 19th week. Further, not since Adele's massively successful album 21 has an album sold more than 5 million copies, though 21 didn't move that many units until its 42nd week.

Adding even more accolades to her unimaginably long roster of success is the fact that 1989 is actually Taylor's third album to sell over 5 million copies, following both her self-titled debut and her album Fearless. It comes as something of a surprise to know that Red -- the album many consider to be her magnum opus mainly because it is perfect -- has yet to hit 5 million sales, but it'll probably get there someday.

We really have to hand it to Taylor Swift -- she went from successful country artist to winning a fight against one of the largest and most powerful companies on the planet when she called Apple out for their refusal to pay artists during their three-month trial run of Apple Music. Talk about power.

All good things must one day come to an end, it's true, but Taylor's reign isn't letting up any time soon.

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