It's Sept. 10 in the real world and on Twitter (imagine that!), and today the celebs were all atwitter about the worst twerking heard 'round the world, a viral video which turned out to all be one giant hoax. Many were fooled.

Taylor Swift couldn't be happier about her Country Music Awards nominations.

We should get excited for 'The X Factor' based on recommendations from Demi Lovato.

Chris Brown is still drawing graffiti monsters on everything.

Kids, this is how Bob Saget lost his virginity. Sorry?

Mindy Kaling is having a mini-existential crisis.

Today John Stamos is sick but still taking requests. One Anthony Weiner type pic please.

Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears

Diablo Cody came in big with the puns.

We agree with Jim Gaffigan's 'Dexter'-related plot holes.

So apparently Mario Lopez celebrated the birth of his baby by drinking.

In Russell Simmons' world, if everyone goes vegan, cows will cease to exist and global warming will be just a myth.

And everyone and their mom was tricked by Jimmy Kimmel's fake twerking video.

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