Selena Gomez is down to reprise her villainous role as a Katy Perry stand-in for a "Bad Blood" sequel — and considering the way the music video ended, Taylor Swift should be open to it, too.

During an interview with VH1 News (which you can check out above), Selena confirmed that every moment spent with Taylor Swift on set is like a never-ending sleepover you get paid to attend. She said, "We were there ’til four in the morning just sitting on the couch eating In-N-Out burgers, talking about boys, and then we’d go pretend we were killing each other. Good times!"

Selena then moved on to more pressing matters, like the possibility of a sequel to "Bad Blood," something that seems plausible considering the clip's open-ended finale. She said, "There is so much that that video has left, you know? I even said to her, 'You should’ve added like five minutes, 'cause it’s like a movie.’ I think that there could totally be room for it to grow, but I don’t know. That’s up to everybody involved."

We imagine Taylor thought up the final sequence for "Bad Blood" after scrolling through Tumblr one night and coming across that T.S. Eliot quote from "The Hollow Men" that says, "This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but with a whimper." That's the only way to explain away the video's lackluster conclusion. We understand that, after her overhyped promo campaign, it would've been impossible to satisfy every viewer. But after all that weaponry, training, ammo and attitude, the video ends with a weak slap? Taylor, please. Give us the "Bad Blood" sequel we deserve.

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