Taylor Swift, who's previously written songs for films including 'Hannah Montana: The Movie,' 'Valentine's Day' and 'The Hunger Games,' is adding another soundtrack to her resume: a collaboration with fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff called 'Sweeter Than Fiction,' which will be featured in the upcoming movie 'One Chance.'

The flick is based on the real-life story of Paul Potts, a Welsh steel mill worker who gained fame as an opera singer after appearing on 'Britain's Got Talent,' and the song Taylor co-wrote is described as a "poppy song that makes the point that ‘life is sweeter than fiction.'"

Swift found out about the movie thanks to Simon Cowell, whose work with a certain ex-boyfriend of Taylor's made it all possible.

"Simon knows her through the One Direction connection and he thought she'd be touched by the film," said producer Harvey Weinstein. "And he was right because she was."

'One Chance' will premiere next Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival. 'Sweeter Than Fiction' reportedly plays over the closing credits, and the Daily Mail reports Taylor "might be persuaded to give a live rendering" after the screening.

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