If you were top-tier-level famous, would you Google yourself obsessively? Taylor Swift says she doesn't — but everybody lies, right? We pose the question only because she so often tweets about cover versions of her material, so either she has alerts set up, or she cherry-picks her favorites from a carefully curated list her team emails to her.

However it happened, Taylor came across a particularly good cover of her current single "Bad Blood," performed by singer-songwriter Alessia Cara — best known for her rising single "Here" — for BBC Radio 1's Piano Sessions. Taylor loved it so much that she tweeted a link to the video along with her approval, garnering Alessia a bump in her already-growing fan base with a single tweet.

And Taylor's right to love the cover. Accompanied only by a guitar, piano and the occasional finger-snap, Alessia manages to elevate one of the lamest diss tracks of all time by stripping away its production and giving the song a soulful, full-bodied vocal. We're especially grateful for Alessia's inclusion of Kendrick Lamar's verse, a move that we hope further cements the idea that the music video remix of "Bad Blood" far exceeds the original.

Alessia found out about Taylor's tweet shortly after the radio station posted her cover online and, understandably, flipped out:

Taylor's gotten a boost of good press since embarking on her world tour earlier this year -- not that she needs it at this point. In case you haven't heard, she shattered another record after 1989 sold over 5 million copies in its 32nd week, making it the fastest selling album to hit that milestone in over a decade. When you hit numbers like that time and time again, you either become possessive of your fame or generous with it. Luckily for emerging artists like Alessia, Taylor's more than willing to give some very public praise where it's due.

Check out Alessia's "Bad Blood" cover above.

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