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30 Celebrities You Should Follow on Instagram
Instagram has changed the way we see celebrities (literally!). Where once the details of stars' personal lives were something that they tried to keep fiercely private, now we get the scoop straight from the celebs themselves -- and we have the pictures to prove it...
Lena Dunham Once Asked a Sex Columnist for Advice
'Girls' creator and star Lena Dunham may depict a lot of sex on her HBO show, but as she shared with her Instagram followers on Thursday, she wasn't the sexed-up teen you might have imagined. In fact, she was still a virgin at 19.
Lena Dunham + Allison Williams in Bikinis in 'Girls' Trailer
If this trailer made of Instagram photos is anything to be believed, it looks like the third season of 'Girls' is going to be a day at the beach. Literally. It will features writer/actress/director Lena Dunham and Allison Williams showing off their bikini bodies, which actually may be the least skin they've ever shown on the program.
'Girls' Loses a Boy
It seems 'Girls' actor Christopher Abbott has a lot in common with about half of the population right now: He doesn't really agree with Lena Dunham, so he's leaving the show right in the middle of a major story line for his character.
Lena Dunham Thinks Hating Anne Hathaway + Liking Seth MacFarlane Makes You a Bad Feminist
Lena Dunham has come under fire for the lack of ethnic diversity on her HBO show 'Girls,' and being part of the firestorm that erupted after that Lisa Lampanelli tweet didn't help matters any. Now she's waded into another controversy, essentially saying if you find Anne Hathaway the slightest bit annoying, you're a detriment to feminism -- especially if you've ever laughed at Seth MacFarlane's jok
Lisa's Dense, Lena's Sorry
Lisa Lampanelli is almost as edgy as Miley Cyrus, so she's not backing down from using the n-word to describe her pal, Lena Dunham, who's dealing with racial issues of her own -- like apparently never seeing a black person in Brooklyn. However, to Dunham's credit, she's finally spoken out about Lampanelli's desperate attempt at relevance, and her eloquence, if late, was a little refreshing and bet
N-Bombs Away
Everyone’s losing their ish because off-color comedian Lisa Lampanelli tweeted the n-word along with a pic of her and Lena Dunham. Are we shocked? It’s Lisa. This is what she does to make us think she’s still worth talking about.
Chris Brown
In news that will give a glimmer of hope to humanity, Chris Brown reportedly isn't even close to thinking of marrying Rihanna. And that should make Lena Dunham really happy, because she's smart enough to know a bad idea when she sees one.
Evil Plot
Longtime pals Jon Stewart, host of 'The Daily Show,' and Brian Williams, NBC's 'Nightly News' and 'Rock Center' anchor, are about to be in the midst of a friendly feud -- at least if Stewart has anything to say about it.
Stern Is Sorry
Last week, Howard Stern said some pretty nasty things about Golden Globe-winning actress and writer Lena Dunham, but just a few days later, he issued an apology. And not long after that, he got to issue another mea culpa -- to Dunham herself.
'Girls' Aren't Rapists
Of all of the legitimate reasons to dislike HBO's 'Girls' -- the mediocre acting, the mediocre writing, the inexplicable lack of minorities in Brooklyn, N.Y., the hipster stereotypes, the ubiquitous hype, the innumerable connections of the cast and crew -- Howard Stern doesn't like it because Lena Dunham doesn't quite resemble a stick figure. Quelle surprise. Thankfully, the show's creator and sta
Lena Dunham + Taylor Swift Are a Match Made in Eye-Roll Heaven
We’re pretty sure Lena Dunham is the darling of the critics because the critics are past their midlife and think she must be what all the kids are into today. Because it’s starting to become glaringly obvious that even she thinks she’s far more clever than she actually is. For this reason, we’ve always found her somewhat annoying. And before you go calling us haters, slow your roll -- we didn’t sa

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