Everyone’s losing their ish because off-color comedian Lisa Lampanelli tweeted the n-word along with a pic of her and Lena Dunham.

Are we shocked? It’s Lisa. This is what she does to make us think she’s still worth talking about.

The tweet in question contains a goofy photo of LiLamp hanging out with LeDun – we have more fun making up celeb nicknames than looking at candid photos in their Twitter feeds – and Lampanelli is clearly trying to express how much she likes her famous and noteworthy buddy.

But a name drop wasn't enough for the Lamper. No, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Mean” had to include a racist missive in order to get this level of attention for hanging out with the new princess of edgy TV comedy. So she dropped an n-bomb. As you do.

What's kinda surprising is that Lisa Lampanelli is even still a thing. While she's done some stuff we really do applaud, her schtick has grown a little tired. And that's the problem when you build your brand on being shocking -- eventually it stops being so shocking, so you have to keep ramping it up.

Also, you don’t win any points for this either, Lena. You were already on our list.

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