It seems 'Girls' actor Christopher Abbott has a lot in common with about half of the population right now: He doesn't really agree with Lena Dunham, so he's leaving the show right in the middle of a major story line for his character.

Guys, this is horrible news. Actors exiting the cast of 'Girls' is probably on my top 10 list of things I don't want to wake up to in the morning, along with a hangover, cat vomit presents, and a burglar. I have priorities.

Page Six reports that Abbott, who plays Charlie on HBO's 'Girls,' has left the show due to issues with Dunham:

"Chris is at odds with Lena," a source said. "He didn't like the direction things are going in, which seems a bit odd since the show put him on the map."

It's a pretty horrible time for Abbott to be exiting, considering the way things ended in the season two finale. The kind-hearted Charlie became a social media sensation with a fancy smartphone app, as his ex-girlfriend Marnie was sort of unraveling to the point of singing horribly awkward covers of Kanye West songs in public. But then the two decided to get back together in a very divisive ending -- one which I don't personally think means they were going to stay together, considering all the grief they caused one another.

Anyway, there doesn't seem to be a specific complaint other than he's unhappy with the
"direction things are going in" for his character, which makes me wonder what was so offensive that he had to bolt -- we've seen Charlie in some pretty compromising situations, so unless Dunham was about to turn him into the general of a White Power gang or make him shave his junk garden on TV, I'm having a hard time imagining what could have been so disagreeable.

The gossip site also reports that he remains grateful and blah blah blah, plus he's really busy now that Lena Dunham made him super famous:

"[Chris] is grateful for the experience of collaborating with Lena, Judd [Apatow], and the entire ‘Girls' cast and crew, but right now he's working on numerous other projects and has decided not to return to the show."

The only news more horrible than this is Jezebel's ridiculous headline, which insists that Abbott is the only attractive male on the show. Um, no -- you see, the only reason I am not having full cardiac arrest right now is that Ray (Alex Karpovsky) and Adam (Adam Driver) haven't left the show, and sorry Charlie, but I find those dudes to be just as hot, if not hotter.

I mean, have you SEEN Adam without a shirt on? Give it up.

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