Today is Monday, September 16, but the world of Twitter is sadder than usual because last night's 'Breaking Bad' ripped out the hearts of all its devoted fans and stomped on them until they had no feeling left. Yes, some of Twitter is still crying about it, but not necessarily all of them.

Everything's coming up Britney Spears!

Lena Dunham doesn't need hats, that's what bras are for.

At night when Heidi Klum is sleeping, she's sleeping with her Emmy.

William Shatner is a little sad 'Star Wars' droid R2-D2 made it into the new 'Star Trek' but not a real cast member.

Spoilers: LeVar Burton will once again appear on 'Community!'

Patton Oswalt, as usual, is making us want to hug pop culture.

Insert all the 'Breaking Bad' tweets from last night's explosive episode here.

And insert Max Greenfield mocking Twitter for it.

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