Today (Aug. 8), the hot topic of the day was "OH MY GOD, WHAT DID BEYONCE DO TO HER HAIR?!" Hint: It's either a wig, or that's how short her hair is without wigs and weaves. It's also Throwback Thursday, so there was a bunch of that too.

Justin Timberlake is returning to hang out with Jimmy Fallon.

Everyone was really into Beyonce's hair.

Josh Groban and David Spade may have a thing for Clay Aiken.

Pretty sure Heidi Klum didn't have to stick to the cronut maximum.

Once upon a time Lena Dunham wanted to be stitched together.

Comedian Michael Ian Black knows his advertising fashion.

Iggy Azalea's new album is finished.

Nickelback will never ever win.

Very jealous of Whil Wheaton right now.

Stephen Colbert solves that shark mystery from yesterday.

And Ian Somerhalder shared an old photo of himself on the floor.

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