Today (June 26) was a momentous day in America and on Twitter. Of course there were still the usual celebrity shenanigans, like hoping to be a hottie of the week, getting tweets from Cher, living an outdoorsy life and an odd marriage proposal or two.

Ricky Gervais dreamed of being E!’s Hottie of the Week

James Deen might be related to Paula Deen. We’re not sure who that’s a PR nightmare for.

Lena Dunham was quite impressed by the athletic prowess of Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis during her historic filibuster.

Kelly Ripa was as excited as we'd be to get a tweet from Cher.

Blake Shelton proves that once you go country – well, you get critters in your house.

Joan Rivers had a classic and sensible response to the DOMA ruling.

Rosie O’Donnell summed up the day in three words.

And former ‘Scrubs’ bromancers J.D. and Turk would not be outdone by the Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard Twitter proposal.

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