Jay Leno

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Slimmed Down Look on 'Leno'
We don't think we can say enough that Christina Aguilera has come a long way in gaining her svelte frame back, so here it is again: Christina Aguilera looks amazing.
Last night (Sept. 18) she showed off her toned and trim body on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' in a little black dress…
Have a Seat
You know that awkward moment when you arrive at the Daytime Emmys only to find the matriarch of the family you've been mocking for years is sitting with you? No? Well, Kathy Griffin sure did, when she found herself rubbing elbows with Kris Jenner this past Sunday (June 16).
She recounting the harrowi…
Letterman Takes Aim
You don't have to ask David Letterman for his feelings about Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno sometime next year -- he'll tell you anyway.
It's Official
You've heard the rumors that Jimmy Fallon would take up the mantle of 'Tonight' from Jay Leno when he retired -- the pair even notably addressed them through song.
And today, April 3, NBC officially announced it'll actually happen.
Tonight, Tonight
'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno joined forces with his possible replacement -- 'Late Night' host Jimmy Fallon -- for a parody of 'Tonight' from 'West Side Story.'
Kim on 'Leno'
On 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' last night (March 28), Kim Kardashian responded to her haters (read: the world) about reports calling her fat when she's just pregnant and even more reports that she's naming her kid silly things like North and Khrist.
Heeeere's Jimmy
Rumors about an impending late-night shakeup have come to a head, proving that internet rumors are always true (they're not always true).
Reports that NBC is not only giving the imitable Jimmy Fallon a turn at the 'Tonight Show' helm, but also moving the program back to its old stompi…
Pulling No Punches
With age comes wisdom and, sometimes, just not caring anymore. A good example is talk show veteran Jay Leno, who dropped subtlety during his opening monologue on Monday, March 18.
Wilde Words
It wasn't long ago that Olivia Wilde, caring person that she is, used Twitter to offer some advice to young Justin Bieber, who recently walked around London sans shirt like a tiny Canadian Matthew McConaughey.
Afterwards, she took a whole lotta heat from the world's Beliebers -- and on Tue…
Worthy Successor
If you ever thought 'The Tonight Show' needed more boyish good looks and breaking into giggle fits, you're in luck: Jimmy Fallon is rumored to be replacing Jay Leno on the long-running late night chat show.
Late Night Slapfight
Jimmy Kimmel first began feuding with Jay Leno in 2010 when Leno rescinded on his promise to pass the 'The Tonight Show' on to Conan O'Brien. After just seven months at the helm, Conan was forced out -- a stunt which did not sit well with the eponymous host of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!…
Expert Assessment
Charlie Sheen appeared on the 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' Wednesday night (Jan. 30) to promote his show 'Anger Management' -- and to rant about the one time he met performance enhancing drug-using cyclist Lance Armstrong.