You don't have to ask David Letterman for his feelings about Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno sometime next year -- he'll tell you anyway.

On Wednesday night, the 'Late Show' host endlessly heckled the NBC shakeup and referenced Conan O'Brien's 2009 hosting stint by asking, "What could possibly go wrong? Honestly. They had pretty good luck with this in the past.”

The 65-year-old comedian also stumbled through the history of 'The Tonight Show,' at one point confusing Fallon with O'Brien before launching into his 'Top Ten Things We'll Miss About Jay Leno,' one of which was that he's "Mom's favorite talk show host."

Nice try, Dave. But if Mom likes Jay so much, why did she launch that petition to get 'The Bonnie Hunt Show' back on the air? That's what we thought.

Although Dave did eventually wish Jay good luck, it seems there may be some lingering resentment there -- as you might remember, Letterman once called Leno the "funniest" but also the "most insecure" person he's ever known. That combined with the two men's infamous feud from years ago means it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between good-natured ribbing and actual potshots.

Regardless, it's always hard to read subtleties when Paul Shaffer is cackling like a wicked stepmother the whole time.

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