Jimmy Kimmel first began feuding with Jay Leno in 2010 when Leno rescinded on his promise to pass the 'The Tonight Show' on to Conan O'Brien. After just seven months at the helm, Conan was forced out -- a stunt which did not sit well with the eponymous host of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

And in a recent interview, Kimmel revealed he's still pretty pissed off about it.

“I always feel bad if I hurt anybody’s feelings, but I don’t believe Jay Leno has actual feelings, and he doesn’t seem to be that worried about other people’s feelings,” Kimmel told Playboy.

Back in 2010, Jimmy impersonated Jay during an entire episode of his own show, which was basically an hour-long parody of 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy in a wig and chin prosthesis to look like its host.

“I can do a pretty good Leno imitation. It was a lot of fun to be him — also much easier, particularly in constructing ‘his’ monologue for that night,” Kimmel said of the experience, throwing a little shade for the many accusations of joke plagiarism that have been hurled at Leno over the years.

The Playboy interview also covered the time Kimmel appeared on the short-lived 'Jay Leno Show' where he kept derailing a mini-interview to mock Leno for what he did to Conan.

“That was thrilling — it really was — and also kind of dangerous, because I realized he wanted to communicate to America that it was all just a friendly joke. That was the perception Leno clearly wanted out there," Kimmel said of the on-air interview. "The more I thought about it the madder it made me. I didn’t want him to just get away scot-free with what was happening all over again."

If you're keeping score at home, this now means Conan, Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman have issues with Leno.

Good thing 'The Tonight Show' doesn't have a doorstep. Sounds like it would be full of flaming bags of poo.

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