You know that awkward moment when you arrive at the Daytime Emmys only to find the matriarch of the family you've been mocking for years is sitting with you? No? Well, Kathy Griffin sure did, when she found herself rubbing elbows with Kris Jenner this past Sunday (June 16).

She recounting the harrowing experience for Jay Leno last night, explaining that they were both there to present at the sloppiest award show since James Franco joined forces with Anne Hathaway.

"It didn't go well, after I've been calling her family dirty whores for, like, five years," Griffin joked to the big-chinned host.

But when asked if there was any confrontation between the two, Griffin admitted that no, despite all reports that Kris Jenner can actually unhinge her jaw, things went smoothly between them. Minus the withering glares, of course.

"Kris Jenner gets it; she knows how to play the game; she was not upset," Griffin explained before adding, "Although I do believe the Armenian mafia could have us both killed in one phone call."

As for us, we just wanna find whoever did the seating chart -- and buy that person a drink. Nicely played.

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