Jay Leno and Katherine Heigl exchanged gifts on 'The Tonight Show,' and his gift to her was pretty awesome.

Heigl gifted Leno with cat collars from her Jason Debus Heigl foundation, an animal welfare organization founded in honor of her late brother. Sweet, right? And they were beautifully wrapped.

Leno's present to Heigl -- who owns seven dogs -- was a bit more out there, but still really appropriate.

The Johnny Carson successor gifted the former 'Grey's Anatomy' starlet with a pooper scooper in his own likeness. And it's big enough to possibly fit DVDs of crap like 'The Ugly Truth,' '27 Dresses,' 'Killers,' 'New Year's Eve,' 'Life as We Know It' and 'One for the Money' inside.

"That is so, so twisted," Heigl laughed. "I love it. Jay, I'm gonna send you a photo of me using this. You're gonna love that!"

Somewhat strangely, Heigl seemed more thankful for that prezzie than for the opportunities Hollywood handed to her before she turned around and bit its hand.

Unfortunately, it's not technologically advanced enough quite yet to pick up after her verbal gaffes and insults to her employers. But all in due time.

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