James Franco

That’s James Franco’s Crib
James Franco bought this pad for the affordable -- by L.A. standards -- price of $775,000 from Emmy-winning costume designer Katherine Jane "Janie" Bryant (if you love the duds on 'Mad Men,' you have her to thank).
The Best Celebrity Fan Art
Celebrity fan art. Let's be honest, most of the time it's painfully awful. But sometimes, sometimes it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Unless it's of Nic Cage, then it seems to be physically impossible to make good fan art.
Kickstarter Shade
When multimillionaire Zach Braff started a Kickstarter to fund a new movie -- which would have been picked up by a production company had he not insisted on starring in it -- he garnered the ire not just of John Q. Public, but also of Morgan Freeman. Add another name to the list of eye rollers: Jame…
What the What?
James Franco is at it again -- and by that we mean he's doing something weird for no reason, except maybe just because he can.
This time around? He's recreating the horror film 'Psycho' dressed as Janet Leigh in a video art exhibit called 'Psycho Nacirema.'
Birthday Boy
James Franco, the actor who brags about giving great fake fellatio, recently shared a picture of the S&M-themed cake he got in celebration of his 35th birthday. And let's just say we're really glad the bakery didn't accidentally send this to a kids' party.
James Franco thinks Ryan Gosling is a hunka-hunka burning love. After seeing Gosling's pre-hiatus film, 'The Place Beyond the Pines,' he had a whole lot to gush about -- and most of it pertained to the star's body.
Hey, Franco. Welcome to the party. Now go get the rest of us some …
'This Is the End'
Hot on the heels of yesterday's fake 'Pineapple Express' sequel trailer, the new red band trailer for Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogan's end-of-the-world comedy has arrived, and it's just as good as you imagined.
Faux Followup
Part April Fool's joke, part viral promotion for their upcoming apocalypse film 'This is the End,' James Franco and Seth Rogen made a sequel trailer to their cultish comedy, 'Pineapple Express.'
Which might have angered and confused anyone who smoked a bowl in celebration bef…
Living in Harmony
'Spring Breakers' director Harmony Korine is a bit of an enigma. His movie 'Gummo' is still a controversial subject among film critics, as is his dabbling in illicit substances. Now, David Letterman has explained why Korine was banned from his program more than a decade ago.
Franco Spills the Beans
James Franco and Anne Hathaway have made up since their disastrous turn co-hosting the Oscars together in 2011, but we're curious to see if that tentative peace lasts once Hathaway hears the March 25 interview he did with Howard Stern -- in which Franco says he can totally understand why everyo…
Selena Has Faith
Selena Gomez has the best behaved character as Faith in 'Spring Breakers,' and apparently she was also the best behaved behind the scenes.
New photos of the cast and their antics have emerged via Vice, and no outlet would have been more appropriate for her co-stars, who seemed to really rel…
Teacher's Pet Peeve
James Franco will not be kept quiet about things he thinks suck. Namely, his former New York University professor during his brief tenure at the college.
James Franco in Drag
Writer/actor/poet/scholar/professor/grand marshall/artist/singer and one time cross-dresser James Franco has his hand in many makeup pots. Is there anything he won't do? Definitely not.
Franco donned his best French whore look in 2010 for the magazine Candy, and dude does not a pretty woman mak…
Anne Hathaway + James Franco
Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the ill-fated 2011 Academy Awards, during which Franco seemed to be merely a cardboard cutout of himself pretending to host a show, while Hathaway desperately flitted around waving her arms trying to bring some life to the ceremony for the both of them...
Bound + Gagged
If student/professor/artist/actor/poet/singer/Daytona Grand Marshal James Franco is to be believed, he's good at everything. Including deep-throating things.
Good for him. It's important to have a back-up career.

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