James Franco, the actor who brags about giving great fake fellatio, recently shared a picture of the S&M-themed cake he got in celebration of his 35th birthday. And let's just say we're really glad the bakery didn't accidentally send this to a kids' party.

The red cake is decorated with everything a kink-meister could possibly want, along with James' first name and those of director John Cameron Mitchell and friend Cassandra Simon, who worked with Franco on his new film 'Interior. Leather Bar.'

Franco produced, directed and starred in the movie, which features recreations of deleted sex scenes from the then-controversial 1980 film 'Cruising.'

“For a long time [playing gay characters] was seen as something that was harmful to your career," Franco told the South Florida Gay News. "I find that it hasn’t hurt me at all, and even if it did hurt me, it wouldn’t deter me from doing the kinds of projects that I want to do.”

He was rewarded with the HBO Latin America Ally Award for his "unwavering support of the LGBT community" at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

As for the cake, we hope that he had it and ate it too. (Please let there be photos of both.)

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