Selena Gomez has the best behaved character as Faith in 'Spring Breakers,' and apparently she was also the best behaved behind the scenes.

New photos of the cast and their antics have emerged via Vice, and no outlet would have been more appropriate for her co-stars, who seemed to really relish getting in character and acting like trashy co-eds.

The above photo is the most innocuous of the set, with the four leads drinking what's actually water and lemonade.

In others, it pretty much looks like any other spring break party -- the girls prance and prattle about in bikinis, which isn't so bad. But in others, they fellate ice pops, snort crushed B12 off of an extra's bare boobs, rock balaclavas and hang out in strip joints. (James Franco seemed to have the most fun there.)

Are we sure Terry Richardson didn't actually direct this movie?

Spring Breakers Selena Gomez

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