If student/professor/artist/actor/poet/singer/Daytona Grand Marshal James Franco is to be believed, he's good at everything. Including deep-throating things.

Good for him. It's important to have a back-up career.

This “natural” talent was supposedly discovered on the set of his new movie 'Spring Breakers,' in which two guns are forced down his throat all the way to the hilt by his scantily-clad co-stars.

"Guess I'm a natural," Franco told Details. "It was my first time."

That's when the reporter was all, well, yeah, except for that time you went down on a sex toy for your student film 'The Broken Tower,' dude.

“You're right! It wasn't my first time!" Franco suddenly remembered, even though that's the type of thing most people would have trouble forgetting. "That was a dildo. If I'd had the guts, it woulda been real.”

So there you have it. James Franco would've given an actual beej for his art but he just wasn't brave enough. Which isn't all that surprising from a guy who just opened an art show called Gay Town.

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