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10 Celebrities Who Just Can't Quit Twitter
Twitter is the celebrity oracle, allowing them to spout endless missives in 140-character lines. Some famous folk use it for good -- shameless self promotion, charity endeavors -- and others go on bizarre rants. Either way, a lot of celebs end up regretting some of their posts (or in some cases, all of them) and pulling the plug on the social media outlet entirely. But they almost always return. R
A Daily Mail article alleging that Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria was tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral has since been removed from the outlet's website. But not before it sent Baldwin into a homophoboic fit of rage and he deleted his Twitter account.
Alec Smash
Alec Baldwin pulled a total Chris Brown on Twitter late last night (June 27), ranting at Daily Mail writer George Stark before deleting his account after Stark wrote an article alleging that Baldwin's pregnant wife Hilaria was tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral.
Heeere's ... Alec?
NBC, which has had a pretty bad rap as of late, has been juggling its late-night programs like so many chainsaws. First we found out Jimmy Fallon is moving into Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show' spot -- assuming Jay retires as promised this time -- and now it seems the network might be looking to bring Alec Baldwin into the fold.
Shia-ing Away
Back in February, Shia LaBeouf and Alec Baldwin allegedly had “creative differences” over their Broadway play 'Orphans,' which had Shia quitting and then sharing confusing and very personal emails about the entire situation on Twitter. But last night, Apr. 1, LaBeouf went on 'Late Night With David Letterman' and actually tried to make sense of it all. Sort of.
Daddy's Girl
Baby beans have been spilled near Alec Baldwin. And no, we’re not talking about Shia LaBeouf having a tantrum -- this time, it's actually about a real baby. Not to be outdone by the Duchess of Cambridge, Alec's wife Hilaria revealed that the couple is expecting a daughter.
WikiLeaks Would Be Proud
The saga of the Broadway play on which Shia LaBeouf bailed continues, as Alec Baldwin, hurt that LaBeouf would share his private emails, fires back -- and LaBeouf returns fire by making even more personal notes public. It's like our own little celebrity version of WikiLeaks.
Guessing Game
We love having fun with Alec Baldwin because it’s clear he’s a fun-loving guy. For all the hits he takes in the media, he's never lost his sense of humor. That’s why, when we see on his Twitter page that he’s had some sort of accident, we’re at first concerned -- and then we wonder what sort of shenanigans he might be up to.
Agree to Disagree
Shia LaBeouf recently walked out of what was going to be his Broadway debut, a play called 'Orphans' co-starring Alec Baldwin. While producers say he left due to “creative differences,” LaBeouf is painting a different picture on Twitter, trying to prove through email screenshots that ... well, we're not entirely sure what he's trying to prove here.
Remember how Alec Baldwin used a bunch of racial slurs against a New York Post photographer and threatened to choke one of their reporters to death? Neither does he -- because apparently it never happened.
Mild-Mannered Alec Baldwin Eludes Prosecution for Photog Fight
Back in June, while engaging in the normally peaceful activity of acquiring a marriage license, Alec Baldwin got in a tussle with a pushy paparazzo -- but tabloid-friendly as the altercation was, it seems that Mr. Baldwin, the reigning king of zero-to-angry, won't be prosecuted for the shoving match.
Tina Fey + Alec Baldwin
When Tina Fey (aka the woman every other woman wants to be when she grows up), was creating '30 Rock,' she wrote the character of totally uncensored network executive Jack Donaghy with Alec Baldwin in mind. She never thought he'd actually accept the role, but was thrilled when he did...