Back in June, while engaging in the normally peaceful activity of acquiring a marriage license, Alec Baldwin got in a tussle with a pushy paparazzo -- but tabloid-friendly as the altercation was, it seems that Mr. Baldwin, the reigning king of zero-to-angry, won't be prosecuted for the shoving match.

The easily excitable '30 Rock' star was at the New York City Clerk’s Office on June 19 to get the paperwork necessary for his then-pending nuptials with Hilaria Thomas. Outside the office, a photographer got inside the short-fused actor’s circle of safety, and Baldwin lashed out in a "dude, get up out my grill" sort of way. The photographer later claimed he was hit -- claims Baldwin denied.

It seems that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office either agrees with Baldwin’s account or they’re too afraid of him to make a move, because they aren’t going to prosecute. A source told the New York Post, “No charges will be brought. The matter has been dropped entirely. His conduct did not rise to the level of a crime.”

We’re sure this is a huge weight lifted off Baldwin's shoulders, because now he’s free to boil over about another photographer: his daughter, who posted a somewhat inappropriate pic of herself on the internet last month.