We love having fun with Alec Baldwin because it’s clear he’s a fun-loving guy. For all the hits he takes in the media, he's never lost his sense of humor.

That’s why, when we see on his Twitter page that he’s had some sort of accident, we’re at first concerned -- and then we wonder what sort of shenanigans he might be up to.

Late Sunday night, Alec tweeted that he nearly had a terrible accident. And then, perhaps just for some sadistic fun, he asked if anyone could guess what happened.

And then everyone tried to guess. Because … Twitter.

Baldwin even retweeted some of his favorite ideas.

But still, no one got it.

That didn’t mean they wouldn’t keep trying, though.

Even a celeb got in on the game.

With no one hitting the truth, Alec egged them on.

And they tried harder.

But it turns out, he couldn’t admit publicly what happened. It was too embarrassing for him.

We’re very curious and a bit concerned. Although it seems he’s doing better today.

We still wonder what could have happened. Did he forget to use his Capital One miles card? Did he walk by a paparazzi and smile? Did he lose at Words With Friends?

We may never know, unless the Twittersphere can pressure him to spill the beans. And it seems their patience is wearing thin.

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