Congrats to Alec Baldwin!

The '30 Rock' star and Words With Friends enthusiast and his wife, Hilaria, are expecting their first lil' one together.

Alec has a 17-year-old daughter with ex Kim Basinger -- and she's flippin' gorgeous (see her in a bikini here, perv), so chances are this bambino will have awesome genetic material, too.

Hilaria confirmed the news to 'Extra.'

"We're having a baby!" the unfairly stunning yoga instructor said.

They claim it was a surprise to both of them, but especially to Alec -- Hilaria took a pregnancy test at home without telling the erstwhile Jack Donaghy, the promptly started shrieking once she showed up positive.

“There’s a scream I heard, which is a scream normally reserved if there’s a spider in the house, not exaggerating," Alec chuckled.

"Normally, I will be reading a book. We're in the country, it's quiet, some time to really relax and unwind and sometimes, once a month, you hear ‘Ahhh, Alec, Alec!’ I come upstairs, and there’s a spider on the wall. So then I hear that scream again, but it was not a spider.”

“It was followed by ‘I’m pregnant, I'm pregnant!’" Hilaria quipped. "He runs up the stairs and I'm holding it [the test] and showing it to him.”

Hilaria, who's still teeny tiny, says her bump is visible. You know, if you squint really hard.

“Now, I’m showing, it’s getting to be much more, like ‘OMG this is actually going to happen!’" she squealed. "Now we can start the nursery, the everything, the dreaming.”

Alec's dreams are of staying home and being a Mr. Mom.

"I keep telling my future wife that I want her to get rich because I want to retire. She teaches yoga. I want her to become the world's first billionaire yoga teacher," Baldwin told Wonderwall (via Us Weekly) in June before their wedding.

"I know it is a long shot, but that's the plan I'm sticking with right now. I want to have a baby and stay home and make the pancakes before I send my wife out to work every day to pay the bills."

Get that downward dog ready, Hilaria. You're gonna need it.