Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's 16-year-old daughter, Ireland, shared a revealing, sexy pic of her very shapely bikini body with her Twitter followers, and it's left us bracing for impact.

Or least an expletive–filled tirade from dear old dad.

Back in 2007, while Baldwin and Basinger were embroiled in a bitter child custody dispute, Baldwin left a nasty voicemail for his daughter that was leaked to the media and became fodder for the press, seeing as how he referred to his child as a "rude, thoughtless little pig" in rather unfatherly fashion over the fact that she hadn't returned his call.

Five years later, Ireland seems to be unbothered by her dad's raging temper or the fact that he compared her to bacon, proudly showing off her underaged assets to the world.

She also recently told Page Six magazine that her dad gets pissy when he's frustrated and referred to Voicemailgate as overblown, saying, "People made it out to be a way bigger deal than it was. He’s said stuff like that before just because he’s frustrated. For me it was like,'OK, whatever.' I called him back I was like, ‘Sorry Dad, I didn’t have my phone.' That's it.'"

Calling your spawn a pig is how you let off steam, Alec? Really? Dude. Try some Lexapro next time.

Ireland further revealed that she and her pops tossed around the idea of doing a YouTube parody of the incident, with "me calling him and yelling at him."

Your move, FunnyorDie. Your move.

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