Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons recently had some rather bizarre things to say about gay marriage. Specifically that if gay marriage is allowed, fathers will marry their sons to get tax-free real estate, which is a super logical jump.

What's next? Equality for minorities?

In response, satirist Stephen Colbert had some witty and biting commentary on the matter, and even a message from Koko the Sign Language Gorilla.

What can be learned from Colbert's deconstruction of Irons' ramblings is that if you bookend your comments with "I don't have a strong feeling" and then end your statement by wishing everyone the best, you can really say anything in the middle regardless of what it is.

A new standard in being offensive that Stephen demonstrates with humor and aplomb by exploring immigration laws and the way women in the workplace attract wolves.

Meanwhile, since Bill O'Reilly is all set to marry a goat and Jeremy Irons is basically already married to his dog, we figured we'd plan a fabulous double-wedding this summer. It seems only fitting.

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