Even though it's hump day, that doesn't mean that celebrity Twitter accounts couldn't be abuzz with wild late night dance parties, revelations that they changed lives and even a shark sighting on the subway. Hey, no one said Wednesdays have to be boring.

Pink spent her most recent concert changing lives.

Stephen Colbert was canceled on by Daft Punk, so he and Bryan Cranston had a dance party.

Which Will Wheaton approved of.

Everyone is subject to the law. Especially when Amanda Seyfried is on the case.

Diddy was looking for some entertainment from his fans.

While Jim Gaffigan provided the entertainment.

Fighting for the rights of everyone today? Weird Al Yankovic, who wants us all to get along.

William Shatner continues to be the master of knowing what day it is.

Not sure if this is a real shark or Mario Lopez is just trolling us.

And Ricky Gervais stopped arguing on Twitter and made a joke instead.

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