While he claims he doesn’t have a strong feeling either way when it comes to the subject of allowing same-sex marriage, Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons seems to believe in the "slippery slope" theory of marriage.

We think. We can’t really tell what he talks about as he rambles on in a strange Gary Busey-like way here. But, after seeing this, we’re just glad he’s an actor and not a lawmaker.

Asked by HuffPost Live how far the marriage equality debate extends, the star of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ pondered the question for a moment and then gave an answer involving fathers who'd marry their sons in order to pass their estates to their children tax-free upon their deaths. Really.

Seriously, it’s difficult to decipher.

All we can really tell is that he worries about what would happen to the tax code if members of the gay community were able to call themselves married, he’s happily married to his wife and his dog, and he thinks incest can't happen between two males.

Cool story, bro.