Today, May 13, is the 49th birthday of the truthiest late night/faux right-wing nutjob television host we know, Stephen Colbert. And to celebrate, we're sharing an infographic that takes you from Colbert's humble beginnings as the youngest of 11 kids all the way to his successes of today.

Colbert began his journey to stardom with the improv comedy troupe Second City, where he served as Steve Carell's understudy. He would go onto appear in the sitcom 'Strangers With Candy' and later as a correspondent on 'The Daily Show,' which of course led to his current full time job as host of 'The Colbert Report.' (Remember, the Ts are silent.)

He later teamed up with Jon Stewart once again to hold the 'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear,' and eventually received 5 percent of the presidential vote in New Hampshire -- despite never officially running for office or appearing on the ballot.

He also has his own ice cream flavor and made up a word -- "truthiness" -- that's now in the dictionary.

Things he doesn't have: A fondness for bears.

Check out even more fun facts about Stephen Colbert in the infographic below that was created by our friends at CantMiss.TV.

Stephen Colbert infographic

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