With the release of latest film iteration of 'The Great Gatsby' happening today (May 10), the internet has been blowing up with all things Gatsby. Last night's 'Colbert Report' was no exception, with host Stephen Colbert launching the cOlbert (that's not a typo) book club to celebrate F. Scott Fitzgerald's American classic

To discuss the novel, Colbert brought the wine and forgot to read the book -- so his goal of having the book-clubbiest book club was already accomplished. Unfortunately he also needed to interview novelist Jennifer Egan, so that wasn't going to really cut it.

To rectify this, Stephen (dressed as Gatsby) brought in 'Great Gatsby' star and all-around fabulous sport Carey Mulligan to tell him all about the novel -- but she didn't read the book either, so she relayed the entire plot of 'Drive' instead.

Enter LeVar Burton, his magical cartoon butterfly and the 'Reading Rainbow' theme song to save the day and explain the plot of 'Gatsby' to the two hapless non-readers -- and throw in a couple 'Star Trek' references for good measure.

Watch the videos for some 'Reading Rainbow'-related nostalgia and a James Franco voice-over cameo. Or at least someone pretending to be James Franco. Either way, totally worth a watch while you're Gatsbying all over the place.

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