Today is Justin Bieber's birthday, which means in addition to being the final 365 days of his teenage years and reminding young girls how mortality works, it's time to honor Canada's prodigal son with a gift.

Like maybe a shirt or two.

After partying hard in London with some ladies who may or may not have fanned him with feathers while feeding him grapes as he danced on the Iron Throne, he returned to his hotel displaying those pecs he's so proud of while his pants practically fell off his body.

Did we miss out on some trend that involves channeling Quazimodo while swaggering about shirtless? Is this the new Harlem Shake? Is the hand-in-pocket thing the new belt? So many questions.

Bieber has been making heads turn lately with his often outrageously confusing styles, most recently stepping out in London in a yellow studded hat and purple leopard print diaper pants, thus giving 'Lost' co-creator Damon Lindelof plenty of material about which to rant on Twitter.

After his shirtless perp walk, the Biebs did a quick costume change and headed back out into the night to ring in his 19th birthday in style.

“It’s no accident that there’s a break in his UK tour which coincides with his birthday," a source said of the soiree being hosted by Bieber's supposed latest conquest, British model Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke. 

"He’s been looking for the perfect venue and finally settled on Cirque Du Soir as he loves the kitsch theme. The venue is all ready for him, with clowns, goblins, aerial acts and some fire-eaters."

Goblins? We've obviously been going to all the wrong circus-themed parties.

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