Justin Bieber has landed in London, and it seems he's using his trip across the pond to experiment with some rather interesting fashion choices.

Nope, we're not even referencing his gas mask disguise that drew even more attention to himself while shopping in Great Britain.

Instead, we'll refer you to the photo on the left. That's the Biebs stepping out in a yellow trucker hat covered in studs and purple leopard print pants that he may or may not have worn on a dare.

According to the caption that accompanied the Instagram photo, "Ryan said you won't go out in that. I said watch mea haha toocolorful next time im gonna wear a black hat." Which, despite its confusing misspellings, seems to hint that Justin only wore the outfit because someone said he wouldn't.

If that's the case, it was really dumb to bet that Bieber wouldn't wear something when he met the Canadian Prime Minister in improperly buttoned overalls, a backwards hat and Timberlands. Or when he's been routinely sporting what can only be described as diaper pants lately.

We don't know who this mysterious "Ryan" is, but clearly he doesn't know Justin as well as he thinks he does.