Ten women were detained today, Feb. 11, trying to pray at the Western Wall in Israel -- and one of them is a Rabbi and the sister of comedian Sarah Silverman. Susan Silverman and her 17-year-old daughter were stopped for wearing prayer shawls that, according to Orthodox Jewish law, are only allowed to be worn by men.

The Western Wall, a religious holy site, is watched by ultra-conservative Orthodox caretakers who had the women detained for their disregard of “Jewish customs.”

Meanwhile, Susan Silverman is currently asking for permission for her liberal feminist group (dubbed Women of the Wall) to be allowed access to pray at the site for an hour out of each month.

But that's apparently a no-go, since Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesperson, said the women went "against regulations set by the High Court."

The 10 detainees were released after being held for several hours.

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