Today (July 26) is Friday, albeit not a black one or a special one like Friday the 13th. But that's okay, we won't hold that against it. Anyway, to celebrate the upcoming weekend, celebrities taught us new words, played with some taxidermied animals and tried to predict the end of their favorite TV shows.

Carrie Underwood met the boys of One Direction last night. Kind of.

We're just going to assume Norman Reedus taxidermies squirrels to look like 'Walking Dead' characters.

Sarah Silverman enjoys exploring all of her boyfriend.

Rainn Wilson just named every Nicolas Cage movie ever.

Weird Al Yankovic agrees that grammar is sexy.

Add this to your dictionary of words to never use: "bonus son." Thanks LeAnn Rimes.

But you can take James Deen's new phrase.

This is what Zach Braff talks about when he talks about Anthony Weiner's weiner.

Michael McKean tries his hand at twist endings.

Dear Mara Wilson, please write a commercial for the benefits of upstate New York.

And Mr. T. continued to be Mr. T.

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