Today (July 2) it started to feel like the celebs were checking out for the holiday weekend already, but the ones who were still around were upset about Pluto’s moons, their voiceless tour guides, breakfast food choices and what Brad Pitt wears in the movies.

William Shatner helped petition to have one of Pluto’s moons named Vulcan, and spent much of the day disappointed that it didn’t happen.

Matthew Perry went on a beautiful, but less than informative, tour of Florence. (We don’t feel sorry for him.)

Mike Birbiglia announced his favorite digits.

Paula Poundstone proves – as Josh Groban did recently – that we shouldn’t take recipe advice from Twitter celebs.

Selena Gomez and her girls …

Sarah Silverman tweeted her thoughts on ‘World War Z’ costume design.

And Cancace Cameron Bure was half of a spit laugh-worthy comedic duos.

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