Happy Tuesday! Today (Sept. 3), kids went off/back to school, some famous people went off the market, the 'American Idol' lineup was confirmed, James Franco was roasted and swimmer Diana Nyad was the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. Basically, history was made.

Ryan Seacrest says the 'American Idol' lineup is officially in place.

Apparently we're letting Sharon Osbourne write books for children now.

Oh good, Donnie Wahlberg has chosen a theme for Tuesdays. We don't get it.

Katie Couric thanks everyone for their engagement wishes.

At least Joss Whedon has a plan.

Rainn Wilson continues to take things literally. Even bagels.

A whole bunch of people were in awe of Diana Nyad's 110-mile swim.

Demi Lovato wants us to call dancing, dancing again.

Mara Wilson is so over dream Ryan Gosling.

Still others kept occupied with the James Franco roast.

Which is probably why you can see Seth Rogen in 'This Is the End' back in theatres.

And author Maureen Johnson has a message for sad parents everywhere.

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