When Ryan Gosling broke the news that he would be taking a break from acting, our hearts broke into a thousand pieces. Who would reassure us through memes that everything would be okay? Whose pecs would we dream about at night? Who will Anna Kendrick tweet naughty things about?

To help the world with its withdrawal symptoms, a British company made a Ryan Gosling helpline, perfectly referred to as the #TheGosline, in which his velvety voice will soothe your late night jones.

And now we're also helping in the way we know best: through GIFS.


The first step is admitting you have a problem.


Don't let the judgment of others get you down.
Your problem is still just as serious as their problems.


Buy yourself an animal companion.


When you start missing him, try to distract yourself by dancing like no one is watching.


If the withdrawal symptoms get too bad,
pull that shoe box of all those shirtless photos out from under your bed.


Finally, give in to all your urges and recreate Ryan Gosling scenes with a body pillow.
(Don't pretend you haven't thought about it.)


If all else fails, sell your soul to the Devil. He can probably give you what you want.


Most of all, don't despair. We'll get through this together.