The majority of women with eyes who watch movies find Ryan Gosling at least somewhat attractive. He’s not for everyone, but clearly this is a man who can join the George Clooney club of empirical handsome.

And judging by the naughty tweet of one actress, his universal appeal extends into Hollywood, too.

The adorable, accessible and totally bankable – please don’t hold the ‘Twilight’ movies against her – Anna Kendrick has developed quite the Twitter presence. She got off to a slow start a couple of years ago, but has since found her voice and has gone from the blasé celeb “this thing I did is out now” tweets to having more fun writing jokes about her life.

And revealing her celebrity crushes. Namely, Ryan Gosling, as evidenced by this "confession" to her more than 600,000 followers.

There’s been no Twitter reply from Gosling, who would no doubt be flattered by such an admission. So we can only guess that while she is adorbz, Kendrick is no trade-off from the va-va-voom of Eva Mendes, with whom Gosling currently spends his spare time.

That’s probably fine with Kendrick, since she’s been linked to her ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ director Edgar Wright since 2009 anyway.

That said, the 'Pitch Perfect' actress may reconsider her passion for Gosling once she finds out that he once vied for a spot in the Backstreet Boys. Because really, there's no coming back from that. Even when free cookies are involved.

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