In the least surprising news you'll hear today, lots of people want to have sex with Mila Kunis and Ryan Gosling.

Kunis and Gosling each topped their respective gender's list of Most F---able Celebrities. Kunis was likely bolstered for her humor and nerd-hot reputation, which have earned her a legion of die-hard male fans, while Gosling is, well, perfect in every imaginable way.

Joining them on the remarkably non-diverse Details list were Kate Upton, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Alba for the gals (surprise!) and Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Adam Levine and Zac Efron for the guys. Really groundbreaking stuff.

Unfortunately for all of us -- and in Kunis' case, maybe for her, too -- Ashton Kutcher and Eva Mendes currently have first diddling dibs on the first place f---able stars.

We'd totally be down to take a number just in case.

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