We found another reason why you should feel overwhelming love for dreamboat of the year, Ryan Gosling: He wants all the cows to be horny.

The 32-year-old hunk of hotness learned about inhumane practices on dairy farms and took action by sending a letter to the president of the National Milk Producers Federation demanding that the torture be stopped.

We’ll give you a moment to properly swoon.

Gosling – ever the PETA supporter – learned from the organization about a common practice on dairy farms called dehorning. Basically, because of the close conditions, the horns on certain breeds of cattle can be dangerous for the animals and the humans who wrangle them. So, to solve this, dairy farmers will dehorn the cattle.

This didn't sit well with Gosling, so he did something about it.

If you read the letter Gosling sent to the NMPF, you’ll find out that this dehorning is done pretty inhumanely, so in his very polite letter, the ‘Gangster Squad’ star offers solutions and requests that the Federation “please do the right thing and take action today.”

The missive is thoughtful, practical, civil and not antagonistic. He doesn’t go off on a raging tangent. He simply makes his points and then thanks the recipient for his time. 

We may be thinking twice about that milk we poured on our cereal this morning, but we certainly don’t doubt our choice to crush hard on Ryan Gosling.


Ryan Gosling petitions for the humane treatment of dairy cows.

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