Add “life ruiner” to Chris Brown's list of sins. The police chief who approved his community service hours (the same ones the L.A. District Attorney says are falsified) has resigned.

Bryan Norwood, Chief of the Police in Richmond, Va., was personally responsible for signing off on Brown's 180 hours of community service time -- part of his far-too-mild punishment for beating his girlfriend Rihanna. Norwood also sent a letter to the courts saying Breezy had done what was required of him.

However, after claims came to light that Chris wasn't supervised and thus may not have fulfilled his civic duty after all, Norwood was forced to leave his position.

He and Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones supposedly reached a "mutual agreement" about said resignation. Rumor has it Norwood was already looking for other employment before leaving his post anyway, so we shouldn't feel too bad for him. But of course him taking a powder in the midst of all the "did he or didn't he" controversy about Brown just makes it look like everyone has something to hide here.

As it stands now, a judge will sort all this out (or least try to) on April 5.