Today is Aug. 21, and it's also hump day. The stars weren't so much interested in hump day, but they were talking about political topics, celebrity birthdays and announcements about their various careers. Maybe next Wednesday, Twitter.

Lady Gaga stopped talking about herself and instead talked current events.

Before getting weird again.

But so did Pink.

Anna Kendrick's own breasts excite her.

While Michael Ian Black can only think about Jewel's.

Amanda Seyfried did not steal that mannequin and you can't prove she did!

Sounds like Chelsea Handler has someone who makes and feeds her dogs scrambled eggs.

James Deen on science everyone. Thank you James Deen.

Apparently James Franco is getting his own television show about stuff and things.

Seth MacFarlane is very confused by Bradley Cooper.

And Michael McKean made some very very good points.

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