It's Friday, July 19 and despite what it feels like, not everyone you know and love is at San Diego Comic Con. Just some of them. To celebrate the impending weekend, the stars shared some photos, rallied for your support, and got their lives mixed up with the characters they play on screen.

LeAnn Rimes is being pressured to make babies.

Weird Al Yankovic and Aaron Paul are hopefully working on a twin act now.

We found someone willing to buy Kanye West's overpriced T-shirts: Boy George.

Meanwhile, Pink doesn't care that Kanye insulted her back in 2009.

Eva Longoria says that despite those rumors, nothing went on between her and George Clooney.

John Stamos is getting ready to put on his 'Full House' Uncle Jesse wig. No, really.

Taylor Swift really wants to win another VMA, you guys.

Kelly Osbourne jokes that she may in fact be a man.

We're glad Lena Dunham is as confused by text message inflection as we are.

B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling are worried Steve Carrell is going to start acting like Michael Scott.

Nathan Fillion is having a good time at San Diego Comic Con.

Also at SDCC, Kristen Bell -- whose 'Veronica Mars' panel made everyone all kinds of happy.

And Ellen Page does not know what Gollum's deal is.

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