Pink has officially beaten all records at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia, for having 18 sold-out shows while on her Truth About Love Tour -- topping her previous record of 17 shows in 2009.

(This is the same arena where a teen fan was once arrested for sending out a not-so-veiled bomb threat, which he claimed totally wasn't a bomb threat.)

In response to the record, a "second structural pole" was dedicated to the singer, which she and her daughter, Willow, signed. A bright pink plaque was also erected denoting the achievement on which Pink scribbled the note "follow that b------!" to any future performers.

"Thanks for the most amazing moment of my life, apart from Willow's birth -- but she's been here to see it all," she told fans at her concert on Aug. 26.

As if all this isn't enough, a door was also painted pink for the singer, and there's a Hollywood Walk of Fame style-star out front. She and Willow's hand prints, which are currently being set in bronze, will also join the outdoor plaque.

"It's been incredible," Pink said of her performances on this tour. "I'm usually having an out of body experience where I'm observing everything. It's hard to take it all in. I'm sure in five years I'll look back at this and realize how insane it is."

"The 18th show in Melbourne has definitely been a highlight. But every night is a highlight. You look out in the crowd and there's so much genuine love. It's not bull----. There's people there from two years old to 72 years old. It's awesome."

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